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Metadata Project: Dublin Core and Collective Bargaining Agreements

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Project Documentation


On these pages, the Dublin Core and Collective Bargaining Agreements project is documented. This section of the site can almost be thought of as a hybrid between a college term paper (complete with a literature review and references) and a technical manual for potential site administrators. Here is what follows:

  • Introduction – Where you should go next after this page,
  • Literature Review – Somewhat academic (this is a class project), but also provides a lot of useful background reading and discusses how this project could show a feasible solution to a problem faced by labor unions and other’s involved in labor relations.
  • Description of Project – What were the project goals? How was the site built? How is the data entered? How is Dublin Core utilized? How would an administrator enter agreement language, and the associated metadata, into the site’s database so that users could access it?
  • Conclusion-Lessons Learned – What can we learn from this exercise?  Did the project accomplish its goals? Were any interesting issues involving the use of metadata encountered?
  • References – Again, a bit academic, but it documents the sources used and might provide the reader with some interesting new avenues to explore to learn more about the information needs of unions, metadata, or Omeka.

If your interest is mostly in exploring the site and learning what it can do, start with the page called How to Use This Site.

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