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Technological Displacement. Article 18, Section 2. Pages 50-56.

Automation, Education, New Technology.
Article XVIII.
Section J.
Pages 129-131

Automation-Mechanization Study Committee.
Appendix G

Technological Changes.
Section 55 (a)-(e).
Pages 77-78.

New Equipment. Article VII, Section (m). Pages 21-22.

New Technology (Joint Technology Advisory Committee). Article 21. Pages 38-41.

New Technology. Letter of Agreement (125).
Pages 243-245.

New Technology.
Memorandum of Understanding, M-6.
Pages 136-139.

New Technology, Letter of Agreement.
3 page letter.

New Technology.
Letter of Understanding

New Technology.
Supplement D.
Page 13.

Exhibit B. Letter of Understanding #10.
Pages 206-207.
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