LIBR-281 Metadata Project - Collective Bargaining Agreements

Metadata Project: Dublin Core and Collective Bargaining Agreements

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This report discusses a final project that I undertook for LIBR-281—a seminar on Metadata in the School of Information at San José State University.  The basic idea of the project was to demonstrate the feasibility of using Dublin Core as a metadata scheme for describing, organizing assisting in the retrieval of electronic copies of collective bargaining agreements.  To do this, a specific web-based tool, called Omeka was utilized. The product that resulted from the project is a web site that utilizes OmekaDublin Core and a sampling of excerpts taken from some historical collective bargaining agreements.

There is some specialized language embedded in that last paragraph, especially the terms “metadata,” “Dublin Core,” and “collective bargaining agreements.” These are not concepts that one hears often in everyday discourse.  The reader deserves some background information on these topics. To help provide that information, I have included a literature review as part of this project. There I review some of the relevant scholarly and technical literature that relates to collective bargaining agreements and the need for good methods of organizing and cataloging these records. I summarize some relevant literature explaining the Dublin Core Metadata scheme, and I review some sources of information about Omeka.

A follow-up section to the literature review is at the “Description of Project” link. Here I discuss some of the project goals. I explain the steps and procedures taken to build the site. Also, I discuss the design of the interface for entering the agreement language and its associated Dublin Core elements

To round out the site documentation, I have included a section titled "Conclusion - Lessons Learned" and a section listing the References used in drawing up the project documentation.

More descriptive information is available on the section of the site linked at the menu item titled “How to Use This Site.” This provides a walk through on how to use the site to browse and search the collection of agreement language pertaining to new technology and the workplace.

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