LIBR-281 Metadata Project - Collective Bargaining Agreements

Metadata Project: Dublin Core and Collective Bargaining Agreements

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Image Credits

The library photo that appears as a banner/logo on each page above the site tagline is shared under a creative commons share-alike with attribution license ( Source:  It has been resized and cropped.

The poster image on the Welcome page, saying "LIBR-281, Metadata Project, Bob Lucore," is an adapted version of a Works Progress Administation poster from the New Deal Era. It is in the public domain. Source: It has been altered by Bob Lucore using a vector graphics editor to include the title for this project.

 The remaining photos are embeded with permission from Getty Images for strictly non-commercial use. See for more information on the free non-commercial use of these images.  You can click on the image on each page for more information, or follow the links below.

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 Readers can learn more about Getty Images and their policy regarding the free use of embedded images here: