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 I am Bob Lucore, a recovering economist studying Library and Information Science. Once I was the Director of Research and Policy for the United American Nurses, I have also worked for the Teamsters union and the Department of Economic Research at the AFL-CIO. For several years I taught economics at Centre College and Colorado State University. Most importantly, I am a husband and the father of two great girls.

While at the iSchool I have been fortunate to have two interesting graduate assistantships. I was a research assistant to Dr. Ken Haycock, concentrating on demonstrating the value of libraries, researching effective non-profit governance and providing research support to help establish the SLIS Center for Information Research and Innovation. Currently, I work as a graduate assistant to Derek Christiansen, the school’s web technologist, to keep the iSchool's Drupal-based web site updated and maintained.

I was born on the high plains of eastern Colorado over 60 years ago. I grew up in Denver, went to school in Fort Collins, but now live just outside of Washington, D.C. Yes, I'm now from "inside the beltway."

I have an "interesting" work history. In addition to the jobs mentioned above, I have been an engineering lab technician in a converted Atlas missile silo, a factory worker, a janitor, a retail clerk, and a community organizer.

The product of five generations of Colorado beef-ranching Republicans, I am now a vegetarian and a passionate Democrat.

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